Add additional links and ports to caddy

Hey , I am trying to add some custom links to our caddy file uses by Tutor app

I have some additional subfolders

So I want to be added to caddyfile

mysite.local {
reverse_proxy /api localhost:5000
reverse_proxy /admin localhost:6000
reverse_proxy /graphql localhost:7000
reverse_proxy localhost:4000
tls mysite.loc.pem mysite.loc-key.pem

I was trying to add on the end of caddyfile something like this but all crashed. Any hints how to add them to Caddy ?

You should probably do tutor local logs --follow caddy to see what error is being returned. it might be that some syntax is broken or your certs are not stored relative and so not found, as an example of common issues

Check here for some examples

thanks for hints . looking for that log to check.