Add new custom fields to Account MFE tutor

Hi. I was trying to create a new field for Account MFE page, but I’m not sure if in tutor exists something like “Custom field” for this page. I need to add a new field named “company” and store this information (in future also display in the profile page). I was trying to add new EditableField to the AccountSettingsPage and it is actually displayed as needed, but when I change information about company it doesn’t save it. I think that I need to create a new field as “”, but I can’t find where or how. Thanks.

Hi @fesuert ,

I have a problem similar to yours. I installed Open edX tutor (Olive) with docker and now I’m trying to edit the css of the “mfe login/auth” but I’m not able to find the correct css/html files.

Please, could you tell me where to locate these files?

I’ve been looking under “.local…/openedx” but couldn’t find anything related to customizing the login page.

Thank you,

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It is not similar at all, better try to create a new ticket, so developers of openedx answer you.