Add new custom fields to account_settings page

I was trying to add new input field for the account page and have rewritten site configuration, but it doesn’t add new field on the account page.
“extended_profile_fields”: [
“company”: “required”
But when I open the profile page I actually see that the API actually has “company” data. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.

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I have created a custom company editable field on the account page, and I the extended profile field with company is sent, but the data from new editable field is not connected with the api, so the request value of company field is empty “extended_profile”:[{“field_name”:“company”,“field_value”:“”}],“gender”:null,“state”:null,“goals”:null,“is_active”:true,“last_login”:“2023-05-22T08:46:17.478268Z”,“mailing_address”:null,“requires_parental_consent”:true,“secondary_email”:null,“secondary_email_enabled”:null,“year_of_birth”:null,“phone_number”:null,“activation_key”:null,“pending_name_change”:null}

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