Adding PDF functionality to courses

Hey , I am trying to add and activate PDF in my tutor local

IONISx/xblock-pdf: Course component (Open edX XBlock) that provides an easy way to embed a PDF (

Already added to config.yml

  • name: ‘git+’
    In Settings > Advanced Settings > advanced module is added “pdf”

What next because on my studio still is no PDF/Advanced button .
Any clues ?

Which version of tutor are you using? The xblock seems to be quite old and also there is some change in the way of adding additional pip requirements in the config.yml file.

- git+

This is how we add it now in recent versions of tutor (we use tutor version Palm).

I am using latest version 17.0.1
Also trying with same method

  • git+

maybe some newer plugin for newest tutor edx You know it will work ?

Yes, I am using newer xblocks with this method and is working fine. For example, you can try the h5pxblock.

This one works …positive shocked . Now I need a working PDF method.

OK after a long fight … just forked from ionis and reedited on my own to work with Tutor EDX 17 :smiley:
If someone needed an ENG version working with Tutor EDX 17

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