[tutor] I want to add print pdf functionality in my LMS with connection to blockcert

I have LMS deployed using tutor, but I couldn’t find the print to pdf button when the student finish the course. I try to find documentation about it but I still can’t find it.

Next, I want to use blockcert to integrate the LMS with blockchain (in this case blockcert using Ethereum as their network). So, the idea is like this:

before printing the PDF, I want to have the general information (if I remember it’s in the form of json) stored using blockcert, then I get the hash. This has then should be included in the final PDF print

I am still new to openedx and tutor, and by just reading the documentation, I couldn’t find the explanation on how to modify the pdf or where it is located.

My question is:

  1. Should I fork the frontend app on openedx to integrate the idea that I want to do above?
  2. Is it possible if I don’t want to integrate blockcert in tutor/openedx environment? but just creating middleware so what I need to do is just adding the flow in the forked frontend of openedx
  3. Which repo should I fork to have the PDF functionality changed?

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