"apps." as a host name in some links

Hi, I have just installed the Tutor version of Open edX and try to make it run.

I created two domain names, one for LMS and one for CMS and provided both during the quickstart. Now when I click on some links I can see that they point on “apps.”… which does not work of course. Do I need to create another hostname? This is not mentioned in the Tutor guide. Using so many hostnames sounds weird for me.

Will be grateful for any help.

With best wishes

The “apps.LMS_HOST” domain is required for the MFE plugin to run:


Thank you very much for reply. I saw the link about configuring DNS records, it is no go option for me. Our department already has 3rd level DNS domain, so creating one more on the 4th level and having numerous host names in that domain sounds crazy. Luckily it seems like MFE plugin can be disabled, so I will try this option.

Removing MFE plugin leads to other issues, like None in URL and Error 404. Is there any way to run Open edX without MFE plugin? Or with the plugin but without a bunch of additional hostnames?

Exactly. The MFE plugin is pretty much mandatory. You might be able to run the MFE app in a subdomain with the same level as the LMS, but I’m not sure that this will work out of the box. You might need to share cookies between the MFE and the LMS… Please report your findings here.

Ok, I see, thank you very much for quick replies and explanation. I think in this case I will use the default solution with “apps.LMS_HOST” although it is suboptimal in my case. Will talk to our IT support and hope they will accept this.

hello there, im having the same issue, so should I point a subdomain “apps.sawy.info” to mi ip ,in order for it to work? please help, Thank you!