Arabic > Displaying Left to Right in Live Version, Editor displays Right to Left!

Hi Team,

We are in the process of translating a course into Arabic, therefore, text needs to display right to left in the live version.

I’ve downloaded the content using the export feature. When I upload my pseudo package the .html content displays correctly in the editor (right to left) but when viewed in the live version the text is displaying incorrectly (left to right).

Why is this?

I’ve included the dir=“rtl” in the .html files which displays correctly (right to left) in any browser including the editor just not in the live version.

Do we need to make amends to the .css files too?

I look forward to your reply.


Hi Alec - welcome to Open edX!

There have been efforts to support RTL in the past - see for example:!topic/openedx-translation/IfQ-8onj0I0