Archiving edx-certificates repository

We are planning to archive the edx-certificates repo per OEP-14 and OEP-21. This repository is no longer in use for and has remained mostly unchanged for a number of years.

This will remove support for the manual generation of PDF certificates.

Please see this DEPR ticket for more details.

If there is any interest in ownership transfer of this repository please refer to this section of OEP-14: OEP-14: Archiving edX GitHub Repositories — Open edX Proposals 1.0 documentation, and contact us through this thread.

@mrtmm has recently landed a patch restoring Badgr/OpenBadges functionality.

Can you please elaborate on the impact that the removal of edx-certificates will have on that functionality, if any?

@fghaas I do not believe that there is any connection between that feature and this repository.

edx-certificates is used only for manual PDF certificate generation and has not been running in production for edX in 2+ years. It also has no known integrations into edx-platform code base.