Are iframe contents cached?

I am currently running Nutmeg, but I’ve seen this behavior going back to Lilac and Koa:

I am including some HTML content in a class via an iframe and a raw HTML block. When I update the HTML that is included by the iframe, the content in the class doesn’t change. I have to literally make a new duplicate HTML page and include that instead. If I change the URL to break it, I can actually see the updated content show up for a split second before the 403 error appears. When I change the URL back to be un-broken, the old content rather than the new content is visible again.

This has lead me to the conclusion that the iframe content is being cached. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If it’s not cached, how can I force-reload what I see, so that new content becomes visible? (I’ve tried the shift-reload-page in the browser to force reload, but that hasn’t helped.)

@Rohan, this could be an issue at the browser level. Have you tried to reproduce it in different browsers?

This may in fact be a local browser issue. I logged in as a student account in Firefox and saw the correct iframe content. I then granted that student account studio access and it still saw the correct content. However I still see the old content even after reverting the URL in Chrome. So it’s probably Chrome behaving incorrectly. Thanks!

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