HTML changes are being updated very slowly on my browser

I am currently using tutor 15.1.0, trying to customize the theme while using indigo as the base template.

The probleme is that my HTML changes are updating versy slowly ( in minutes ) on my browser, even after refreshing the page.
On the other hand, Sass changes are smoothly updated after being recompiled.
Have any of you encountered this problem and how did you solve it ?


Can you describe more precisely your workflow? What commands do you run? Which files do you modify?

I realized that the problem exits only on the home page when I am not authenticated ( lms/template/index.html ), for example if I am authenticated and browsing my courses ( lms/template/dashboard.html ) I had not that problem.

Now, I am trying to apply my custom theming of home page ( index.html ) on dashboard.html to check results and I copy them back ! It works fine for me anyway

Yes, the home page is cached for anonymous access.


You can disable the cache for development purposes by creating a plugin like this

from tutor import hooks

    "default": {
        "BACKEND": "django.core.cache.backends.dummy.DummyCache",

With this, your changes will be applied by refreshing the page. Do not use this in production though

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