how to git and use api For integration between my system and open edx

You can start from the Edx API swagger documentation, Open Edx API availability could be a little different and compared for example on RaccoonGang dev instance. Please be aware that your authorization level (no, student, staff) could affect the number of available/visible API endpoints.

ya i now but i have my business web site with users and accounts this users will take courses on edx so where to start the link between courses i have created by EDXStudio and this Api Docs i need to test one function so ican upgrade my account to premium and integrate with my business website .

hope it’s clear ,

Such AS get List of Courses
Get User Enrolled Courses
Get User Score In every course
Get user certifcates

how to call this function in my business Site

@Hany All those details can be seen from the API docs shared above. You can search for “course” for instance and you will see APIs that operate on courses. Likewise, you can search for “enrollment” and you will see all the enrollment related APIs.