Assigned peer for peer assessments keep changing


we’re running a peer assessment as part of the course assignment, and students are required to provide extensive feedback on an essay that is a few pages long.

However, when they step away to do the review and when they come back, their draft response is removed, and a new assessment has been assigned.

Is it possible to somehow lock the allocated peer assignment so it doesn’t change while they are spending time reviewing it? The current settings only mention deadlines, but not how long you have to complete your peer review.

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Disclaimer: I worked on peer assessment’s data model when it was created, but that was ten years ago, and I haven’t been a regular maintainer of it in all that time. @jansenk or @mgmdi might be able to steer you better on this. That being said…

I believe the intention of the code here is to reserve that submission for a particular reviewer for eight hours. The goal was to try to give a reviewer a reasonable amount of time without penalizing the submitter in the case where a reviewer never finishes their review.

Are your students taking longer than eight hours to complete the review? If this is happening earlier than that, it could be a bug. If the reviewers are taking longer than eight hours, then the code is likely working as intended.

Not that I’m aware of–it looks like the timeout is hardcoded. I think it should be feasible to make a new field on the OpenAssessmentBlock to allow authors to tweak this behavior though. If you’d like to propose that change, please see this guide to submitting a new feature for product review:

If you do go that route, please tag me on the review.

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Thanks Dave, this has been really helpful!