Peer Assessment - Multiple group of students

Hi all,

I would like to know some information about doing peer assessments with multiple groups of students. Our scenario is like, we have 4 groups of students in the course, and all students in the course needs to submit their answers for assessment. we need to assess these answers by other groups of students, not by the students from his/her own group. For example Group 1 has A, B, and Group 2 has C, D and Group 3 has E, F and Group 4 had G, H. The answers of A can be assessed by anyone from Group 2, 3, and 4. and need to prevent B to assess the A’s answers (Because both are in the same group). Is there any option or plugin available to do this kind of peer assessment in OpenEdx.

Thanks for reading. kindly share your suggestion to create this peer assessment.

Hi again-

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to do this with the ORA tool, as built. As learners submit their written responses they get added to a “queue” and the next learner needs to evaluate a certain number of them before they can submit their own response.

I’d also be curious to learn from others if there is a way to engineer which cohort of learners gets which responses?




As Sumesh and Ildi mention above, the Open Response Assessment tool is the tool for peer review, however you have so many groups and ORA does not meet your requirements. Have you tried creating Cohorts and making only certain ORA visible to each Cohort?

Alternatively, if you had fewer groups, for example four groups, you could let the first two groups complete the ORA before the second two groups. This way you’ll most closely meet your requirements but it’s not perfect.

I would also be interested to know of any engineering projects working on this feature for ORA.

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Thanks @Ildi_Morris and @Dean for the support. let me try as per your suggestions.