Audit Trails & Course Version Tracking

Hi all,
Sorry for the cross post but I’m looking for existing solutions or suggestions for how to approach developing a solution for audit trails and course version tracking for a regulated corporate environment. It’s critical we’re able to track every change made in the LMS and require information about the type of change that occurred, who initiated it, when, and why with reporting capabilities. These changes can include creating, updating, and deleting sensitive data from:

  • Course records
  • Employee learning records
  • Courseware design and content

Due to the fact that our courses are updated regularly we must track:

  • Course completion by version, which employee completed which version
  • Individual employee logs, which employee did what, when (date, time)
  • The date, time, and employee who last updated the course (even the tiniest changes)
  • A record of historical course materials (if changes are made old courses should NOT be discarded)

Any ideas or suggestions for how this has been or might be accomplished with Open edX would be greatly appreciated.