Course Audit Trails

We need a administrative method to ensure every time a course is changed, we have a record of:

  • Who made the change
  • What was changed, updated
  • Date
  • Time

Is this currently a feature? On a roadmap? Our completely outlandish build it yourself ask?


ps congrats on the release of Koa

I think the tracking logs could help you there. I think the data might be a bit raw, but I think it might be possible to get this kind of information: 12. Events in the Tracking Logs — EdX Research Guide documentation

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I hope this isn’t too late to be helpful.

To manage course versioning, MIT Open Learning uses a plug-in that pushes the course to a git repository every time it’s published. It tracks the date, time and content of the change, viewable with standard git (or github) tools. I don’t think it currently tracks who made the change, but I don’t think that would be hard for someone to add. The plug-in is open source:

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