Automatic notifications of ADR changes

We’ve installed a bot to watch pull requests that make changes to documentation files, especially aimed at Architectural Decision Records. ADRs are short documents to capture important decisions. To keep the process lightweight, there is no manual announcement of these documents. The bot is meant to fill that gap by notifying when it notices changes to .rst or .md files that could be ADRs.

Thanks to @guruprasad from OpenCraft for writing the code, and for patience while I got it deployed :slight_smile:

The notifications are being sent two places: the #adr-notifications channel in the Open edX Slack, and by email to the mailing list in Google Groups. You can join the Google Group to receive emails directly if that is your jam.

There might be more notifications than desired at first, as we fine-tune the filters. Feedback welcome, of course!


@nedbat, thanks for getting this in place! :slight_smile:

I am unable to access to the Google groups mailing list and asks me to login with an email address. Is this expected? If not, can you check this out when you can?

Hmm, I have it set like this:

but I will ask my IT group for help. The settings can be confusing.

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We’ve made a new group:, and I’ve updated the top post with the details. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

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