AWS AMI not working when shifting lms to a different instance

My Tutor instalation works great, no problems. But i want to change the instance type without losing my data. I created an AMI on AWS (an image) of the tutor installation that works but when i deploy this to a new fresh instance with more power, it seems to fail

when i try tutor local reboot it appears to be stuck trying to get credentials for
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1682359905.9772887,“logger”:“tls.obtain”,“msg”:“will retry”,“error”:"

Am i doing this all wrong how can i just shift my data to another instance via an image and get it to run ?

Are you quite sure that you correctly configured your DNS records (and in particular “”) to point to the new instance IP?

Hey Regis! thank you for all the great work your doing!
Yeah i did the following

Instance A [working fine] - created IMAGE (AMI)
Instance B

  1. Launched AMI on this instance
  2. When is SSH in seems everything is working fine
  3. Im using a static ip so i pointed all the ip’s to the new instance
  4. i get an ERR_CONNECTION

however if i boot up the old instance [A], and point the ip to it, it works fine

Im wondering if i need to do something with the RSA keys that are causing this but not sure why a running TUTOR OPENEDX wont boot up on a new instance even with the ip’s and dns pointed towards it

Did you resolve your issue? It would be easier to help you if you gave us the url of your Open edX platform. Feel free to send it to by private message.

Hello Regis!
No issue never got resolved, am i good to private message you the details ?