AWS EC2 instance stops on rebuilding the tutor images


I have a t2.xlarge EC2 instance with 4 CPU, 16GB RAM and 50 GB disk space. I intend to use a custom MFE for authn. However, every time I attempt to build the Tutor images, the CPU utilization increases, and the instance eventually stops.

What would be a suitable configuration for running Tutor on an AWS EC2 instance?

Hi @Disha_Talreja,
According to the following documentation the specs with which you’re running the EC2 instance should be more than enough

  • Recommended configuration: 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU, 25 GB disk space

I would suggest you to look for any errors in syslog or dmesg.

You should stop tutor before building the mfe image or build the image in a different instance.
4CPU and 16GB RAM should have no problems building mfe image.