Hardware ok for this many users?

Hello everyone. I’m not sure if this goes in this section but I really need to ask someone.

I have tutor installed in a debian instance in amazon lightsail services and so far it has not seen much activity, but no problem at the moment. The thing is that my client is going to give a presentation for aprox 150 people in some auditorium and they want to use the platform so that any person can navigate trough the presentation, while they are at the front talking.

The thing is that 150 number scares me because i’m not sure how many resources i will need for that. The instance has 4vCPUs and 16gb of ram. No other big services running other than docker with tutor. Is that by any chance enough or should I ask the people to pay for a bigger server temporaly? Or better yet: how could I simulate 150 logins at the same time (or in a very short period of time)?

Needless to say if it fails at the moment of the presentation my client is not gonna be happy at all.

Thank you, sorry for my bad english and also sorry if this does not go here.

In my experience, if 150 users are active at the same time you might need 8 CPUs and 32GB RAM. Of course, it depends on what features they will be using.
If you just need to run it for a short time and the event is important, just go hard for the hardware, AWS EC2 instances for 16CPU and 64GB RAM only cost about $0.6/hour. If you turn the instance off they only charge for storage which is seemingly nothing.

How did it go?