Badgr server installation giving issues


I am following the guide available at : to install badgr-server on a headless remote server that has a private IP(accessing from company network).

On the guide I get up to the following step:
./ runserver

There is no way of accessing the port 8000, there is nothing on xxx port when I run ./ runserver xxx…

I am running openedx just fine on this remote machine and I can access it and use it normally. I struggle to see how badgr-server is working differently.

For anyone on my situation launch badgr server with the following command:
./ runserver serverip:8000(badger ui looks for the 8000 port AFAIK).
Install angular-cli
Run badgr-ui with the following command:

ng serve --host serverip

Badgr server and Badgrui work and are properly connected.

I have made all the configurations, created a badge for enrolling on a number of courses using openedx__course as an issuer and whatnot following the guide at:

I am at a loss on what to do now.

I am replying to myself again.

Did the changes Mercedes suggests here

Run the migrations and whatnot.

Badges are fully functional.

The about me section on a profile is half broken.

If a user earns a badge before filling out the about me then the user won’t ever be able to change the about me section of their profile. Trying to work out the validation that is going on because of course this doesn’t cause an error I can look into at detail as it is html validation and isnt reflected on the logs…

For anyone who might be interested on badging at this point I was just sent a link to appsembler’s current solution for badging which has little to do with the original one that appeared on that thread.
It is available at the following URL:

On which version did you run the Badgr integration? Can you recommend a good Docker deployment?

We were running openedx on bitnami’s installation.

We wound up integrating badgr server with bitnami’s edx with a couple of modifications on badgr server’s code.

The fixes are described here. Error updating user preferences. Credentials not provided?

I forgot I had two threads on the same issue.

As badgr server is its own django application it should work with any edx install.

My fix merely makes slugs editable on badgr server through its django app.

You can see what badges are being requested by edx through trial and error and make the slugs match or give every badge the openedx__course issuing component and make the slug openedx__coursebadgeslug on badgr server side(ie badge1 on edx with issuing component openedx__coursebadge1).

If badging functionation changes wildly on edx beyond hawthorn in terms of how the slug works or how edx requests the badges to badgr server, bitnami was at hawthorn, then I can’t be of any help.