Best Practice: Theme Directory

Hello all,

I have created my-theme directory here:

So, here are my questions:

  1. Is aforementioned path is right place for my-theme or should I create it somewhere else?

  2. What is the best practice to enable comprehensive theming and create theme directory?

  3. Am I not following best practice if I have created my-theme directory inside edx-platform/themes?

Hi Jayram,

The right place is what you set in the json config files. So if you set it to read from /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/themes then yes this is the right place.

To enable, there are few flags that you enable which you already know, so there is no such practice to enable it per se, however, while writing code in those theme files, there is a good practice to follow the structure of the directories, but again you already know this. So to enable nothing to follow apart from enabling flags and setting the path.

  • Open edX by default uses that folder to give examples of theme so that can be considered the best place.
  • They allow to set a path for themes, which means that theme can be located anywhere. And as such there is no “best practice or best place” to keep your themes, you can keep them anywhere.
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