Applying a theme to my site

Hello, I installed succesfully openedx in our ubuntu server. Everything seems to be fine, except Im just having problems applying a theme. Ive followed in detail Enabling and Applying Themes — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation , and still wont load the template to the stie. Anyone can help? the lms.yml file is like this (as well as the studio.yml) : “ENABLE_COMPREHENSIVE_THEMING”: true,






Maybe the adress to “mis-temas” is incorrect?

@SAWY_Learning welcome to the community.
what I am doing for theme I will just explain to you
first go to lms.yml file


 '/edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/themes' hear my theme folder in this disc

enable COMPREHENSIVE_THEME: true    set this to true

default side theme:' my theme name'

make lms -restart
then go to studio.yml and same apply as above and hit
make studio-restart
then go to lms shell
make lms-shell
paver update_assets --settings=devstack_docker
then comes outside the shell of lms and hit make lms-restart and the same follows as studio

your theme changes will appear u can use this command to show logs of lms if any issues face
make lms-logs
if requirements relate issues hit

make requirements

i close this, i just installed the tutor version… thanks thou!

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