Best way to set up a custom openedx distrobution


I wish to setup distribution of open-edx on a EC2 instance. I did this using the fullstack install guide. I came to the road-block where EC2 can not support virtualization unless you use a bare metal instance (which costs way to much for my purpose).

My second attempt was to follow this guide

I have it running now but I am unable to access the studio, so that I can upload some courses I have. Also, I am unsure weather it just installed the standard distribution or the Standford-Online version.

I cloned this repo, and ran the command.

Although one edit I had to make is to change this branch to use the ficus release. This is because I could not find a valid hawthorne branch in that github repo.

@jukebapes It might make it more difficult to maintain your instance of Open edX if you start with a fork - there is always a chance that it might not be maintained or upgraded to new versions of Open edX in the future, in which case you would end up being stuck maintaining it yourself. Why not use a vanilla version of Open edX to start? It’s already complex enough. :slight_smile:

For my use-case I specifically need features that were added to the Stanford fork. Otherwise I can not upload the courses I am trying to use.