Github repositories

Hello guys

I have been trying to understand Open edX and here is the question.

Basically the entire codebase is hosted on GitHub. There are 3 pinned repository i see namely platform, configuration and documentation.

I understand that installation is done with configuration repo. However what i wonder is how can we use platform repo? Or is it just for showcases? I am sorry if this isn’t the question i should be asking but i dont understand this and it’s very important for me.

Secondly can i use master repo and fork repo in order to create my own fork? So i plan to use master branch of open edX and that of the fork by Stanford University. So i would keep most of the changes made by Stanford and upto date progress of open edX. Is there a way?


There are many repos on GitHub that make up the Open edX software. Installation starts from configuration, but those installation scripts will clone or install dozens of repos, including edx-platform.

You can create your own fork of the repos you plan to modify, but we don’t have instructions about how to manage those forks.