Both domain names are LMS(no CMS shown) after native installation(koa master)

Hi There, glad to join edX community.

I am new to edX and had deployed an edX in the native way in the master branch(the koa release 3 is with issues of MySQL-client installation on ubuntu 20.04, thus i chose to install with git tag/branch master)

I can create a user and make it as a superuser, but I found it strange that both my domain name academy.domain.tld and are actually same website view to me, the one for students. Could you help point/hint me on where it may go wrong? I guess the domain should be referred to CMS, where I could create courses but not enroll ones, right?
thanks a lot!


Hello @wey-gu and welcome to the community!

You can refer this post for your issue:


Dear @jramnai ,

Thank you so much!

With SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN: "" being configured in both lms and studio yml file, and the two services being restarted via supervisorctl, I can see the view in studio button now :smiley: .

I am still encountering another issue: when I click to view in the studio, it was redirected to https://studio.domain.tld/course/course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course , which is refused because this deployment is pure HTTP based(no 443 is listening). While when I manually change the scheme to http://, I got 404 not found then. Is there something I did wrong?

I did search studio 404 here but didn’t get related info. Sorry for the new questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again JayRam.

Hello Wey
I have issue find default credentials for LMS and CMS admin, what credentials you used…?


I created superuser via the command line and used that one :slight_smile:

thanks, i did the same