How to set Koa LMS and CMS url

Trying to setup the URL for LMS and CMS. in lms.yml and studio.yml but it’s not working. can anyone know how to setup the URL in the new release KOA version openedx.

Can you tell us what you did in details so we may figure out what’s wrong ?


thanks for reply @ARMBouhali .

in LMS.yml
CMS_BASE: studio.mydomain
LMS_BASE: mydomain
LMS_INTERNAL_ROOT_URL: http://mydomain LMS_ROOT_URL: http://mydomain
ISSUER: http://mydomain/oauth2
ENTERPRISE_API_URL: http://mydomain/enterprise/api/v1


  • studio.mydomain

ENTERPRISE_ENROLLMENT_API_URL: http://mydomain/api/enrollment/v1/

PREVIEW_LMS_BASE: preview.mydomain

JWT_ISSUER: http://mydomain/oauth2


CMS_BASE: studio.mydomain

and set sites as mydoiman in admin site

this think i did. there anything i’m missing. please let me know.

Still got questions

  1. Are you using devstack (docker) or the native (production) installation.
  2. Do you expect lms to be accessible at mydomain and studio at studio.mydomain

@ARMBouhali . Using native installation

And yes I want mydomain use as lms and studio.mydomain as studio.

By default you don’t need to specify LMS_BASE to access it from any domain, as long as your server is accessible.

Check your services are all running using the command:

/edx/bin/supervisorctl status

It’s possible your services are not running for some reason.

If you have no clue what’s happening. then I recommend you to do a clean setup on a clean system (reinstall ubuntu 20.04), but this time, specify the right domains in config.yml:

I can able to access by localhost, try to access by what defines in config.yml but not able to access. if there any possibility I can set the domain name without reinstalling it.

We don’t have enough information to determine the cause of the problem.
Normally, a successful native install will allow you to access LMS on port 80 from any available ip address / domain name.
If you still want to avoid reinstall, then check the logs of your services at edx/var/log/{lms,cms}/edx.log or check live logs by typing the command:

/edx/bin/supervisorctl fg lms # or cms.

Any error preventing startup should appear.
I’d however recommend a reinstall since it has consistent results with no human intervention