Bug or Confusing Behavior?


I am checking to see if this is a bug or confusing behavior:

When the visibility settings for a graded subsection is set to: Never show assessment results, does that mean that this graded subsection does not get graded as part of the overall course grade?

We noticed that when Generate Grade Report is called from the Instructor dashboard, the mentioned subsection gets graded but the subsection’s grade does not get calculated as part of overall course grade.

Is this a bug or does setting a subsection’s grade visibility to Never show assessment results literally mean don’t include this subsection as part of the course grade?

(wish I can add some screenshots but new users can not upload images)


Hi @Esther,

This is interesting thanks for sharing! I don’t have an exact answer for you right now, but I’m just checking to make sure you’re aware of the two similar reports:

(1) Generate Grade Report
(2) Generate Problem Grade Report

Try generating the Problem Grade Report, it will give you a breakdown per problem.

Hi @Dean,

Yes - the two reports are generating the grade for the subsection:
(1) Generate Grade Report
(2) Generate Problem Grade Report

The bug I detected is that Generate Grade Report reflects the grade for the subsection, but that the grade for the subsection is not counted towards the overall course grade.