Help : Getting error while generating the Grade Report


In my course, there is one sub-section that is hidden from the learner and the due date is passed. Now when I am generating the grade report I am getting the KeyError of
KeyError: BlockUsageLocator(CourseLocator(u'test', u'test', u'2019', None, None), u'sequential', u'4b1e0e0818dc4ed09a27eb7374409999')
If I unhide this subsection then I can able to download the report.
Is there any other way to generate a report?
is this default behavior of Open edX?

Hello there!

We’ve also faced this issue in one of our deployments when blocks are hidden. The latest ironwood.master branch fixed the issue with subsections available to staff only but still have problems with those hidden on a schedule. is in progress to fix the hidden on a schedule issue.


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