Bug report: openedx-django-pyfs uses S3 access key id and secret in place of each other

When S3 credentials are loaded from settings, key_id is being passed as aws_secret_access_key and vice-versa: aws_secret_access_key=key_id, aws_access_key_id=key_secret

Well, that’s weird! Does it work anyhow, or does it fail? (It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that something farther down the stack can compensate and reverse those args.)

Looks like this change happened back in 2017 and has been present ever since version 2.0 of the library.

It fails, however IIRC if they are None boto picks them up from environment variables if present, which might be why it had not been noticed yet.

(For anyone else who is reading, there’s now a PR for this: fix: pass AWS credentials correctly by ArturGaspar · Pull Request #168 · openedx/django-pyfs · GitHub)