Build a Course in OLX and Deploy to the edX LMS

I read the guide on how to design a course for the open edx platform using OLX. Now I need to load it into my application that using open edx. I don’t want to use Studio, because we are developing a simple analogue of it. On the site with the documentation in the chapter that could help me, it says “TBD” and nothing else. How can I build and upload a course to my platform?

Loading a course into LMS without going through Studio is unusual, but possible.

There’s a django management command that you can use to import courses. You can run the following in an lms container in devstack to get more information.

python lms import --help

You can also import courses from git, using another management command:

python lms git_add_course --help

Or you can enable the sysadmin panel and get a web ui available to django staff. This feature is being deprecated, although it will be replaced by django plugin before it’s removed entirely.

I hope this helps,


Thank you very much, by the way, do you know why there was not a word about this in the documentation?

I think most django developers consider management commands to be self-documenting, but that’s not a good excuse.

Where were you looking for documentation for OLX import? Maybe there’s a way to make a contribution there.

and everywhere in the internet

can you tell me more about the web interface and how to upload the course using it? We realized that using is not suitable for us