Build failed - customised theme

Hello community

I got my lms and cms running.

I have started reading about functionalities and how to enable them or use them. This is firsthand experience and very exciting even though i am failing repeatedly only to succeed at last and make a note of which method work for me without deviation from the guidelines. However one failure has made me miserable for over 48 hours🙄 ever since i got hands on lms i am trying to customise theme. So what i am doing here is I have taken chosen a theme from one git repository and tried applying it. I did clone theme in appropriate directory i run chown and chgrp commands i modified lms.env.json as documented. I bash the user sudo virtual environment and update the assets to execute the task. It fails me with an error shown below

build failed running pavelib.assets.update_assets subprocess return code 1

Then i did tried reading online about it but did not understand much.

At this point I did try this repeatedly for about 6 to 7 times then tried different repository of bootstrap theme which also failed then i realised it was 3 year old theme could be something wrong with it (i do not think there is something wrong with theme though) then i tried raccoon gang theme which failed i then tried one of inbuilt theme which worked fine to me and again failed with Simple theme by open craft.

So there seems something is wrong somewhere please assist how do i go about this one?

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@Melsu Hie, have u checked your logs? and did you make the correct changes in the env.json files…theme path etc…?

No i am not aware how do i check logs please let me know. I will follow the procedures go through logs and also publish here for further reference. While i run update assets it returns log of beyond 300 to 350 lines is it worth posting here? Is there a way to download that entire output in some file format and update here?


try to check in your edx/var/log/lms

@Melsu what changes have you made in your lms.env.json file?

I have made exactly 3 changes using sudo vi lms.env.json

  1. theme directory set to “/edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/themes”
    (In bitnami stack i had seen two different directories mime has only one)

  2. theme name - set theme folder tnder the directory

  3. enable comprehensive theming is set true.

make sure your theme directory points to your custom theme,
theme name = name of your custom theme

follow this article by @lpm0073

I followed exact same blog and instructions :smiley: that log file is very huge i will send create another instance and send you log however i see one msg Reoccurring 1000s of time :exploding_head::dizzy_face:

6] - consumer: Cannot connect to amqp://celery:**@ [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer.
Trying again in 8.00 seconds…

Can you explain what this is?

seems to be a celery issue,check this article

Will this fix build fail issues as well or they appear to be different from each other?

As i found out the error I started looking around and i am in luck i have already started reading the blogpost mentioned in your comment.

However what i am planning is this

  1. instance set up
  2. production set up as explained by Lawrence McDaniel
  3. theme customisation
  4. understanding various components beyond lms and cms for ref ecommerce and making proper connections among them
  5. learning administration role
  6. exploring analytics
  7. assessing my server requirements.
  8. meanwhile building 2 cources for 4 weeks each. For the audience of University size.

Am i going in the right direction?

I think task 4 could become a challenge as of now i greatly fear what if I skip a step for eg celery right now.

I have installtion and config official guide downloaded from atlassian will it cover all the requirements to have stable error free production unit or do you advice additional read?



Thanks for bringing log file to my notice. Celery issues are sorted. However theme did not work.

I have cloned below repo

I have followed these instructions as given in below blogpost

It failed while recompiling assets.

Error log is as below

Nov 14 23:30:03 ip-172-31-33-176 [service_variant=lms][openedx.core.lib.log_utils][env:sandbox] INFO [ip-172-31-33-176 2789] [] - ApiKeyHeaderPermission used: ip=“”, path="/notifier_api/v1/users/"
Nov 14 23:30:03 ip-172-31-33-176 [service_variant=lms][py.warnings][env:sandbox] WARNING [ip-172-31-33-176 2789] [] - /edx/app/edxapp/venvs/edxapp/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/rest_framework/ UnorderedObjectListWarning: Pagination may yield inconsistent results with an unordered object_list: <class ‘django.contrib.auth.models.User’> QuerySet.
paginator = self.django_paginator_class(queryset, page_size)
Nov 14 23:35:03 ip-172-31-33-176 [service_variant=lms][openedx.core.lib.log_utils][env:sandbox] INFO [ip-172-31-33-176 2820] [] - ApiKeyHeaderPermission used: ip=“”, path="/notifier_api/v1/users/"
Nov 14 23:35:03 ip-172-31-33-176 [service_variant=lms][py.warnings][env:sandbox] WARNING [ip-172-31-33-176 2820] [] - /edx/app/edxapp/venvs/edxapp/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/rest_framework/ UnorderedObjectListWarning: Pagination may yield inconsistent results with an unordered object_list: <class ‘django.contrib.auth.models.User’> QuerySet.
paginator = self.django_paginator_class(queryset, page_size)

hi @Melsu,

Please check this conversation, you will get some insights from it.

And if you want to change color in your theme then there is no need to clone any theme inside your platform instead you can create your own.

If you have no idea how to create new them then you can take reference of red-theme.

Create your own theme like red-theme, for example, my-theme and then pass this name in your lms.env.json file like this

Update your assets and then restart your services.

If you want to change color of the platform then you can simply change a variable in this file and you are good to go.

These are not error logs, they are just INFO and WARNING

So the idea is to understand the process of doing tasks. Assessing what method works best, atleast for the particular instance. I have set the red theme theme and also the they work perfectly fine. This simple thime in discuss aka edx simple theme is from open craft what it does is unifies the colour scheme across the platform and gives nice feel to the entire platform compared to changing variable that’s not global in inbuilt theme. If this works i intend to start making UI by rendering my own images logos etc. Which i believe should provide a good starting point. Hope that clarifies.

However so that everyone knows i haven’t done configuration post setting up the sandbox except celery. I don’t think so even my django admin consol is connected to my platform. I can use the port to get to my django admin but it’s totally empty.