Building tutor-mfe from a local directory


Currently, you can build an MFE app only by specifying a link to a git repository so in case I want to use a private repo I need to use authentication tokens in the URLs which is not secure. I’d like to create a PR that will make use of an optional directory parameter, and if it’s specified in the config the image will be built from it instead of doing the git clone (by doing COPY directory destination). In case this parameter is not specified, the behavior will stay as is.

Here is the template I’d like to modify Are there any objections or suggestions to it?

Hi @dariadaria,
The solution you are suggesting seems very ad-hoc: it will require careful implementation but will serve only a couple use cases.

That being said, I understand that you are facing a problem, and I do want to make it easier to override MFE repositories. I am working on an alternate solution based on the docker build --build-context=... option. The approach is outlined here: Tutor Adoption 4: Devstack Parity: Dev Workflows Option 3: Upstream · Issue #146 · openedx/wg-developer-experience · GitHub

tl;dr: I don’t have a good solution for you right now but we are working on it :bowing_man: