Tutor MFE build GitHub API authentication


I’m interested if anyone ran into GitHub rate-limiting using Tutor when building MFEs several times within an hour in a CI/CD environment. It seems that the tutor-mfe plugin uses the GitHub API that is limited to 60 requests per hour for unauthenticated requests (and 5k for authenticated ones).

Adding credentials to these requests seems to require tutor-mfe PR to add a curl or wget command call instead of the ADD defined in the Dockerfile at the moment. Docker documentation says:

If your URL files are protected using authentication, you need to use RUN wget, RUN curl or use another tool from within the container as the ADD instruction does not support authentication. – reference

Also, this would require adding optional build arguments to the Dockerfile to set the credentials.

cc: @regis you may have some ideas for this that are different than mine.

Let me pull in @arbrandes who implemented this feature first. It’s actually very useful for re-building nightly images, so I’d like to preserve it. Adolfo, do you have ideas on how to bypass rate limits? We should open an issue in the tutor-mfe repo to discuss candidate solutions. @gabor do you want to open that issue?

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+1 for an issue in tutor-mfe. Adding auth seems like a useful feature, but we have to be careful not to break what ADD’s doing in the first place.

@regis sure, GitHub rate limit hit when running MFE image building in CI/CD pipelines · Issue #161 · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub. I’ll post a solution idea in the morning.

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