[Cairn] How to embed dashboard from superset cairn into lms site

I’m trying to embed dashboard from superset cairn into my lms site. I’m doing these step:

But I cant call API because of CORS.

How can I embed dashboard. Is there another way?

@devpt There is an ongoing issue related to CORS on the Superset repository. Many users have encountered similar challenges, and the community has provided various solutions and workarounds. I recommend exploring the suggestions outlined in the issue discussion to potentially resolve the CORS issue for embedding the dashboard seamlessly into your site.

Thank you, but I still very confused.

How can I login to guest account, because superset is configed to login by Oauth2. So I can’t Post the api “/api/v1/security/login” to get guest token?

Hey @devpt , did you end up getting this working?

Yes, it’s turned out the work of settings in Superset. I have to give some permission for the role “gamma” go it’s can grant the token and view the dashboard as well. Unluckily, I’m not currently work with Cairn, so I can’t give you the screenshot, but hope it’s help…

P/S: Most important!!! I have to turn of the SSO, so I can create guest account and login with password. I think it could be more simple, but I’m not working with Cairn. So, if it’s worked, it’s worked…