Calling for help: Open edX Filters review and testing

Hi there, community! I’m here asking for some help reviewing and/or testing Open edX Filters PR(s), as part of the Hooks Extension Framework (OEP-50) implementation plan. We’re closer and closer to being fully integrated into the platform, we already have three basic filters integrated, and in this batch, we’re including seven more!

If you wish to participate, try answering these questions when reviewing/testing the PR(s)

As an extensions/open edx developer familiar with the code being modified, is this new way of extending the platform useful enough? Is it easy to use?

These are the PR(s) in question:
Unenrollment filter: PR 29948
Certificate creation filter: PR 29949
Certificate rendering filter: PR 29976
Cohort change filter:PR 29964
Course about rendering filter: PR 29996
Course home rendering filter: PR 29995
Dashboard rendering filter: PR 29994

Each PR has its own How to test instructions and Description, however, if you have any questions feel free to post them! I’ll answer as soon as I can.