Open edX Events & Filters are finally in edx-platform and more

Hi there, dear community! :wave:t3:

I’m here to share with you some important news around Open edX Events & Filters. If you need a more detailed description of this initiative, please refer to the OEP-50.

The news

I’m happy to announce that our combined efforts through the project BD-32 are finally integrated into the platform! The library openedx-events and its Open edX Events are available since the Maple release and openedx-filters and its Open edX Filters are available since Nutmeg. Here’s a list of the Events and Filters available on the platform:

Open edX Events available
Open edX Filters available (coming soon!)

What’s next

There’s a lot to come for openedx-events, right now there’s an engaging discussion around the future of Open edX Events and their interaction with an Event Bus, so the events can be sent between services not just in process. We encourage you to participate in the discussion and help us move forward with the design!


What to send over the wire (kafka)?
ARCHBOM-2010: How does Event Bus interact with OpenedX Django Signals?

For openedx-filters, we plan to integrate more into the platform in the incoming days, so stay tune for the filters updated list.