Can anyone show me the steps to add new custom mfe to tutor (16v)

Hi everyone, I am running tutor 16v (palm) and I having issues to add new custom mfe.
I have read the documentation in tutor-mfe but I am still unable to run it.

Here I added the plugins as described in the documentation ( I directly used the frontend template )

Then I enable the plugin.

And finally when I trying to launch the plateform ( tutor dev launch )

If anyone has already did this steps, I will be very grateful for showing me up the exact steps.


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I have had success using custom MFEs. In my case, rather than cloning the template application, I cloned existing MFEs, such as the profile app: GitHub - openedx/frontend-app-profile: Open edX micro-frontend application for managing user profile information.

Here’s what I did:

In my plugin:

from tutormfe.hooks import MFE_APPS
def _add_gym_mfe(mfes):
    mfes["profile"] = {
        "repository": "",
        "port": 1995,
        "version": "gym", # using a custom branch
        "refs": "",
    return mfes

Then, enable the plugin (sometimes I go the extra mile of disabling the plugin first, then re-enabling it after making changes. Not sure if this really makes a difference).
tutor plugins enable pluginname

After that, save the config:
tutor config save

Then, build the images:
tutor images build mfe (although sometimes I just build all tutor images build all. Not sure if this makes a difference or not.)

Then, start it up:
tutor dev launch

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. I’m don’t know how this would work with frontend-template application. I think you’re supposed to create a repo based on the template rather than using the template directly the way you’ve specified.
  2. One thing I have not been able to do at all is bind-mount a local folder of an MFE. I would love to know if anyone has had success doing this with Tutor Palm.

Let me know if that much helps you get further along than before.

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I have the followed these steps
It is working in my machine
But when I did the same in production It was not successful
In production Im using an ubuntu ec2 instance
Did anyone met success in custom mfe(in production)?

can you tell me how to change the logo and add my logo , i need clear steps , I am getting confused , I am using tutor mfe in Openedx Palm release