Can I prevent to pulling with devstack?

Hi all!

I have installed ironwood.master with devstack.

at first, it seems to working well, but when i use command “make down” or “make stop” for stop to services and “make dev.up” , it was not working.

I think to be problem with pulling new images.
so I want to prevent pulling new images after use command “make dev.up”

How I prevent to pull new images in my devstack?
Please, give me ideas. thank you

Could you provide the error message you are seeing when you run “make dev.up”? The images get pulled due to this line in your docker-compose file. You can probably try setting you “OPENEDX_RELEASE” env variable to use a named release so that the correct images are pulled. See this section for more details.

Thank you for your answer.

I got no error when I typed “make dev.up”, but I confirmed that the python code does not match the version as a result of using “make lms-logs”.
There were too many direct changes, so I wanted to prevent pulls.

Thank you
my env vairable was reset when reboot my machine.
so i fixed it. :slight_smile:

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