Failed - make dev.pull.large-and-slow

I’m new to opendedx, I followed the steps mentioned in the documents(Getting Started — Open edX Devstack Unversioned documentation). I’m using the release: palm.1(updated the same in OPENEDX_RELEASE before running the cloning step). Let me know if any other steps I’m missing.

make dev.pull.large-and-slow

docker compose pull --include-deps $(echo credentials+discovery+ecommerce+edx_notes_api+forum+frontend-app-authn+frontend-app-gradebook+frontend-app-payment+frontend-app-publisher+frontend-app-learning+lms+cms | tr + " ")

invalid project name "devstack-palm.1": must consist only of lowercase alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores as well as start with a letter or number

make[1]: *** [impl-dev.pull.credentials+discovery+ecommerce+edx_notes_api+forum+frontend-app-authn+frontend-app-gradebook+frontend-app-payment+frontend-app-publisher+frontend-app-learning+lms+cms] Error 15

Would you like to assist devstack development by sending anonymous usage metrics to edX? Run `make metrics-opt-in` to learn more!

make: *** [dev.pull.credentials+discovery+ecommerce+edx_notes_api+forum+frontend-app-authn+frontend-app-gradebook+frontend-app-payment+frontend-app-publisher+frontend-app-learning+lms+cms] Error 2

Hi @Dileep_Yogaprakash, did you end up following this issue because I am going through the same problem when trying to use quince.master.