Can I run Tutor k8s on worker nodes running on ARM chips like AWS T4g instances?

My databases are on different servers which AMD chips.
I would like to run pods like lms, lms-worker,cms, cms-worker,forum, note, smtp,… on worker nodes that use ARM chips like AWS T4g instances.
Does this cause any issues (errors, performance,…)?

I’m guessing it should work fine, as long as you build your own Docker images for ARM – because we don’t publish ARM images to The worker nodes communicate with databases by TCP, so there should not be any issue. There might be a little bit of engineering work involved, so please tell us how it went!

@regis Thank you for the info.
I hope Tutor will fully support ARM in the future.
For me who using AWS, ARM-based instances are faster and way cheaper (up to 40%) than AMD ones.
I will try to build images for ARM when I have time.