Open edX Devstack Development with Apple Macbook M1 Silicon (ARM Architecture)

Hi All,

I am using Ubuntu/Linux for Open edX Devstack development (Hawthorne, Ironwood, Juniper, Koa, +).

As far as I know, Intel MackBooks based on x86 Architecture are working good with open edX Devstack, but now I am considering to purchase the new Apple MacBook Pro M1 Silicon (ARM Architecture) for Open edX Devstack development.

So if anyone has any experience or knowledge working with M1 Silicon (ARM Architecture) for edX and Docker?

I am asking this because of there are some mixed reviews on Docker running with M1 Silicon chip.

We’re starting to think about this, but I’m not aware of anyone in the Open edX community who has an Apple Silicon Mac yet to test it out. You could try running the existing x86 images in a recent Docker for Mac release and they should work thanks to qemu integration, but they might be a bit slow and/or unstable. It’s hopefully not too hard to tweak our existing image build process to also upload suitable ARM images, but it would be useful to have appropriate hardware available to make sure they work correctly.

Relevant Docker docs and blog posts: