Can Open edX integrate with services like HubSpot

Brand new to the LMS world, just started researching for our company.

Just curious does Open EdX, integrate with 3rd party campaign management / list tracking.

We have lots of leads we would like to begin moving them through a systematized LMS, but all our customer data lives on HubSpot. If possible, would love to keep the CRM data there.

Couldn’t find anything about 3rd party integrations, so I’m assuming the answer is no, but I figured I would ask.


Hi @Nathan005, welcome to the community! :wave:

It is generally possible for Open edX to integrate with third-party services like HubSpot or SalesForce. (One example of such an integration, although unsupported as of today, would be edx-salesforce.)

For HubSpot specifically, recent versions of the core platform include a command for syncing platform users to Hubspot.

It should be possible to build functionality that would address additional use cases (but details depend on what your exact needs are).