Can students grade courses on the edx platform?

Hello, everyone. I want to know, can students grade the courses on the edX platform?

EdX used to have an area on their course pages for learner reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, those ratings were never very useful or accurate, so they removed that feature. I don’t remember whether that was an integration with some outside vendor or whether it was part of the platform.

Yes, Open edX did have a feature called coursetalk (course reviews tool), which is now disabled by default.
The role of course reviews, I guess, is to help learners forge an opinion about a given course before enrolling or upgrading to the verified (paid) option, by checking what other learners think of it.

Some DevOps information if you have access to Open edX configurations :
Course reviews can be shown by enabling a waffle flag “course_experience.show_reviews_tool”. from the django administration panel.
the reviews link is then displayed alongside bookmarks on the Course About page’s sidebar.

I’ve reactivated it in a devstack installation but it still does not work for me (the add review form does not display). I am not onto it right now, I might check that later.
Please tell me if you encounter the same issue.

@ARMBouhali Thanks for your reply,According to your prompt, I configured this function in the django management page, and displayed the comments in the LMS page. I couldn’t write the comments after clicking enter, I don’t know why.

if you couldn’t post comments by pressing enter, then you’re better than I am.
I actually don’t even get a displayed form to write a review.
Hope you find a way to solve this issue.

P.S : Some JS files try to access I don’t know the exact reason but I hope this feature doesn’t have external dependencies.

Looks like course reviews use, and they have no explicit way to integrate reviews and rating without going through the process of becoming their partner (like edx, coursera, udemy, and a bunch of famous e-learning platforms).

I forsake this solution for now, I think I will turn into integrating some django module with open edx for this purpose. If any news I’m gonna update this topic.


Thank you for your reply. Please let me know if there is any new progress.