Can we use LDAP in Open edX

Hi there,

I need to know is there a way to authenticate user from intranet AD using LDAP protocol ?

Looking forward for help!

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I am following steps mentioned here :

But for point # 8 I am not able to locate at this file - edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/common/djangoapps/student/

I am usning Ironwood.master.

Hello @wak120191,
Hope you are doing well!
have you done the SSO using the LDAP?

So … it is possible to use LDAP or not at all ?

Hi @blazejwiecha,

3 years ago I was able to use. Can’t say anything now, You need to take deep dive into code.

OK , I see it was 3 years ago so probably for v16 or earlier Anyone is using LDAP on new v17 ? Or have make / found working plugn with LDAP functionality ?