Cannot build docker images in a first time setup

Hi. I’m facing issues relating to building docker images in a first time setup. I tried reinstalling everything like tutor, node, npm. Nothing worked. I made sure to have the proper versions of everything. I will attach some images and the logs in a text file if you need it.

Please take a look and tell me what I can do about it. Thanks.

edx-build-error-logs (12.4 KB)

Screenshot from 2023-08-09 13-18-39

UPDATE 1: An error is saying a script could not be found in edx-platform, but I checked and it was there, to be sure, I repulled the repository but the issue persists.

UPDATE 2: Some other things that I tried - deleting docker cache and restarting docker, deleting npm cache.

It seems the error is realted to a new experimental feature @kmccormick recently added to edx-platform.

I could reproduce the error you got, one quick solution to get around it, is to checkout out your edx-platform to olive i.e. git checkout open-release/olive. inside edx-platform. And then tutor config save and rebuild image; tutor images build openedx-dev.

This is ofcourse is not going to be useful if you intend to work with master, another way if you want to work with master is remove the depencey of extra scripts inside pacakge.json, just remove it, conifg save and rebuild the image. This is the line to be removed

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Yeah that solved it and openEdx is up an running now. Thanks a lot!

Should I make an issue about this error?

Glad it helped!.

Should I make an issue about this error?

I think the best place to open an issue would be either edx-platform Issues · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub Or Issues · overhangio/tutor · GitHub because issue is an intersection between both. On the issue body on Github make a mention of @kdmccormick. (whom I already mentioned him in this thread). And latly just link to this thread.

@kmccormick I think the issue is related to this line spefically in tutor of which tutor copies package.json, however your changes change pacakge.json such that it depends on the directory it’s in

Done. You can find the issue here.

The solution is to use Tutor Nightly.

Alright! Thanks!

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