Cannot find Tutor template path for user activation email

Running the latest Palm.3 release of Open edX via Tutor, deployed to K8s on AWS.

I’m currently trying to customize the activation email a user receives after signing up for my course. So far, despite including custom HTML files in my theme, the course still sends the standard activation email. I’ve poured over the existing threads on the topic, and have tried the following paths with no luck:

  • /openedx/themes/NAME/lms/templates/student/edx_ace/accountactivation/email/body.html
  • /openedx/themes/NAME/lms/templates/ace_common/edx_ace/common/base_body.html

I’ve edited other .html files in my theme successfully, so it doesn’t appear to be an issue with my build. My assumption is that there is a particular path Tutor checks for this template, and I just can’t find it.

Does anyone know what the correct path for the activation email template is on Palm.3?

Additionally, is there complete mapping of Openedx template paths to Tutor paths anywhere? I’ve searched the docs and Tutor’s internal code, but have been unable to find any. It seems like a useful resource, and I’d be happy to contribute to it if it doesn’t exist, but I’d need some help finding where in the Tutor codebase these lookups occur.