Cannot search old forum contents after upgrading to hawthorn

Hi everybody,
Recently we have upgraded our dogwood instance to hawthorn and thanks god everything has migrated and is healthy except that comments_service couldn’t search between old contents. I can see them and I can reply those posts but when I want to search some of their keywords the result is: No posts matched your query. there is no difference between English or local keywords and unfortunately no useful information in log files. In addition when I search new post’s keywords I get results so it seems that the old contents are just hidden from the service. so I decided to ask here to see if I should index those contents to be searchable or something…
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Mahyar,

i can suggest to run search:rebuild_index to recreate Elasticsearch index for cs_comment_service:

sudo -sHu forum
cd ~/cs_comments_service/
source ../forum_env
bundle exec rake search:rebuild_index[,,,999999]