Importance of the edx-platform directory

I’m a beginner in setting up and using Openedx. I installed openedx with the TVM (Tutor Version Manager) tool, following the guide on this link:

I installed a production version and another version for development. Both work well. My questions are:

  • how important is the edx-platform directory?
  • I can’t find it in my folders after installation. How can I integrate it after installation? I’m using tutor version 16.1.4.

Thanks for your help.

@promiko welcome to the openedx community :blush:

the edx-platform directory is of utmost importance for Open edX because it contains the core code, configuration, and customization capabilities that underpin the platform. Whether you are a developer, administrator, or user, understanding and working with this directory is vital for effectively managing and tailoring an Open edX instance to meet your specific needs.

please follow this document because edx-platfrom is already configured but it is in the container.
one more thing as a beginner please read this docs and feel free to ask questions here.

And one more thing tvm is a good way to install tutor because using tvm you can install more than one tutor in your system without container mixup and you can work on different projects with independent Tutor versions and configurations.

Thank you very much, Mr. Yagnes, for your clarification on this subject. I see that there are still kind and available people like you in this world to help others to be able to move forward, I really liked your intervention.

I have indeed read these documentations, but when I try to mount the edx-platform directory, I get the following error message:
[v16.1.4@esgisdeveloppement] promisedev@DESKTOP-PROMISE:~/esgisdeveloppement$ tutor mounts add ./edx-platform
Error: Path /home/promisedev/esgisdeveloppement/edx-platform does not exist on the host

Please, how to identify the container in which it is located?

Thank you very much.

@promiko Thanks :blush:

Follow the steps to mount the edx-platform directory into your system

  1. Copy the folder from the container to the host
tutor dev copyfrom lms /openedx/edx-platform /home/yagnesh/tvm-palm

after the above step, you can see in image edx-platform in now outside the container

  1. Mount the edx-platform
tutor mounts add ./edx-platform
  1. To verify mount is correctly set up in the system or not, perform the following command
tutor mounts list
  1. Save your changes using the given command.
tutor config save

Thank you once again Mr. Yagnes for your help.

Here is my screen when I execute the following commands:

ls et locate edx-platform

I don’t have the edx-platform directory installed in my project folder.

Do I need to install another tutor version outside the project folders?

tutor dev copyfrom lms /openedx/edx-platform /home/yagnesh/tvm-palm

@promiko did u run this command? here change the path as per your local directory.

Well, it worked.

@promiko great! :blush:

please follow another step as well.

All right. Thank you very much.

Hello Sir Yagnes. I hope you are doing well. I would like to ask you again to help me in the progress of the implementation of my openedx platform for my Master thesis. I would like to know how to change my openedx theme to a ui ux branded design like Thank you very much.

@promiko If you want to add your theme to Tutor I recommend you to check out this document

You can also try the Indigo theme:

Hello M. Yagnes. Thank you for your post. In the meantime, I have tried to install the indigo theme by referring to this suggested document. What do you think of the paragon theme? I find it more elegant.

Thanks for your help.

@promiko Yes that makes sense.

Thank you very much. I’ll try and get back to you.

@promiko You’re welcome! I think you need to create a new topic because now we discussed another topic, and this topic title is different.

I understand. Thank you for your time.