CC Nomination for Chelsea Rathbun

I am absolutely thrilled to nominate Chelsea Rathbun for a Core Contributor role as Product Manager!

Chelsea joined the community as a complete newcomer in October of last year. In just a few short months, she has built a deep knowledge of the platform and taken ownership as the product lead in a number of critical areas. This process was so quick, it feels like she has been part of the community for years rather than months.

Chelsea took immediate ownership of Aspects, ensuring that it would become a user-driven project by conducting nearly a dozen user interviews within the first few weeks. She used that data to define a clear set of product requirements for the Aspects launch, which is on target for a Redwood release.

Chelsea also stepped in to drive the delivery of the Sidebar Navigation project, not an easy thing to do when the project was already in mid-flight. She successfully consolidated weeks worth of agenda notes and product data into a concise set of requirements. This project required navigating competing stakeholder perspectives, which she accomplished with diplomatic ease, resulting in a phased delivery plan that will meet Redwood target dates and competing needs alike.

Additionally, Chelsea brings a highly valued set of product management skills to the community. Among them, subject matter expertise in acceptance criteria testing, which is helping to improve community release processes and BTR workflows.

She’s not shy about getting involved. She’s taken a leadership role in the Data Working Group, and is a regular participant in the Product Working Group, often taking on product reviews and other tasks. She asks the right questions, often bringing a fresh perspective as “new eyes” to the platform. Her approach is always collaborative, open and thoughtful, and she’s been a pleasure to work with at Axim.

I hope you will consider Chelsea for our team of Core Contributor Product Managers. We’ll keep the voting period open for the next few weeks, through Friday April 19.

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Working with Chelsea has been an absolute joy!

Yes, 100%! Chelsea is awesome to work with!

Big :+1: from me! Chelsea has been instrumental on the Aspects side, and anything we can do to make her workflows smoother will definitely pay off for us all.

+1 from me

Having worked with Chelsea and after witnessing first hand how she went from 0 to 100 in a very short time span for the Aspects project, I vote yes to this nomination! I think Chelsea will accomplish a lot of good for the project moving forward.

:100: yes! @Chelsea_Rathbun 's assistance with the Aspects product has been so valuable, and working with her is a joy.