Core Contributor Nomination: Faqir Bilal

I am very excited to nominate @faqir.bilal for a Core Contributor role as a Product Manager!

Faqir’s demonstrated commitment to the open source community is apparent in his regular participation in the Product Working Group. He is also one of three founding members of the Narrative subgroup.

Over the past 8 months, Faqir has been a powerhouse of contributions to the project, including:

The result of Faqir’s contributions is the most comprehensive and reliable dataset we have to date on installs of the Open edX platform globally. His creative thinking and ingenuity led to previously untapped data sources, and we’ve doubled our count of known Instances as a result. Faqir is building a plan to visualize this data across multiple vectors, so it can be easily used by the community for a variety of product and marketing purposes, as well as updated on a regular cadence.

In all of his work, Faqir is highly collaborative and open, and works regularly with product managers from 2U, edunext and other organizations. He has a wealth of compelling ideas for evolving the project, evident in his work to formulate a methodology to articulate a vision and narrative for the project. This work has been integral to the Core Product Offering. He brings a highly valued perspective to any conversation about product strategy and future direction.

I hope you will consider Faqir as the next addition to our growing team of Core Contributor Product Managers. The voting period will be open for the next two weeks, through Friday, 28 April.


:+1: Faqir has been an asset to the development of the Product Working Group, very excited to see this nomination.


Even though I have not worked directly with @faqir.bilal I have seen the approach he took by bringing data into the product discussion and I know that a lot of the work that has happened in the product WG was driven by him. I vote yes to this nomination.


Thank you, everyone, for the kind words! I am very honored by the nomination and would like to express my gratitude to @jmakowski for her generous support and nomination.

I am excited to continue contributing to the product management and strategy for the platform. If anyone has any questions about my contributions thus far, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again for this opportunity. :blush:

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:+1: from me. It’s been great to work with Faqir and I hope I have the opportunity to do so more frequently. He works hard and has contributed greatly; he will continue to be an asset to the Product WG and the overall project Product direction in his new role.


@faqir.bilal has done a lot of good work in the product working group - it’s a great news for the community to know you’ll get to work more on those topics Faqir! :+1: from me!


I’ve only recently started to work with Faqir but I was impressed by his knowledge of the platform and his product vision. You get my :+1:!


I have not worked with Faqir yet, but given the people that is supporting him I have to add my support to his nomination.


+1 - Faqir’s contributions to the product working group over the last year have been frequent, sizable, and high quality!